NEW - Aeolos P30

This all Carbon short hand rocket is incredibly well thought trough in every detail, build exceptionally stiff and super light. Enjoy fast Ocean racing and don't worry about the return trip, just drive her back home.


The AEOLOS Performance 30“ (P30) is optimized for single and double hand sailing and works in a wide range of offshore conditions up to category A.

This boat is not only a fast carbon boat, but also a concept for short handed sailing at low costs. Easy transport, launNEW -ching, low maintenance and a lot more keep running cost to a minimum and you can concentrate on what makes you successful: Training and racing.

The boat is very well optimized under ORC handicap rule, without compromising performance. With the current ORC rules being so precise these days, this boat will be a long lasting fast all-round design.

The AEOLOS P30 is: Simple, Reliable, Light, Quick to assemble (without crane), Easy to transport.

Single/double hand (OSR2) and inshore racing with six, CE-Norm Category B (offshore) upgradable to Category A with additional equipment.


L 9,04m - W 2,91m - 1.55t empty

ballast ratio: over 50% (800kg) Draft: 2,3m


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