NEW - Aeolos P30 - Carbon

April 30, 2021 - We just signed a contract with Aeolos Composites for the distribution of their very innovative Carbon Yachts. The AP-30 is designed for single and double handed Ocean racing but can also be raced fully crewed around the cans.

Aeolos is driven by German engineering and the entire concept is very well thought trough in every detail.

The Ap-30 is easy trailable, the Carbon rig can be manually stepped by 1 person and the boat is ramp launchable. This saves on delivery times and also keeps the running cost down, enabling you to concentrate on what brings success; training and racing.   

The AP-30 is build using Prepreg Carbon - Epoxy, the hull will be extremely stiff with high longitudinal and cross wise bulkheads, total weight starts at 1500kg guaranteeing stunning performance, especially downwind.

Production has started in Dubai and the first boats are expected to be available before our Summer season.


Please contact us at G-Force Marine to further explore this innovative and exciting design.

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